Premier Galvanizing – Supporting people

Premier Galvanizing – Supporting people!

Training and development of our People is one of the areas which Premier Galvanizing lays great emphasis on, Steve Sylvester Production Manager recently completed a 4 year degree course in Business Management & Logistics at Hull University.

The course, alongside his demanding day job proved testing at times on his social life, however Steve really appreciated the knowledge and experience he has gained at Premier Galvanizing in helping him produce some excellent work in each of the modules which included Business law and ethics, finance, logistics, marketing and human resource management.


“The support the company gave me throughout the 4 years was invaluable, I am delighted that Premier Galvanizing encouraged me to continue my education as a mature student and thus gaining a business management degree, which will prove invaluable throughout my career”.”

Here’s to a bright future for Steve and we look forward to a long and prosperous journey through life!

Marketing consultancy, Brand Design and Digital Marketing specialist.