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Spin galvanizing

Spin galvanizing protects small parts such as hinges, nuts and bolts, bracketry and fixings, whereas hot dip galvanizing is used for large fabrications such as fencing and guardrails.

Small items such as nuts and bolts, chains and screws need to be as rust resistant as the steel structures they support; however, they are too small to galvanize in a hot dip galvanizing bath.

Spin galvanizing involves placing these steel pieces in a basket before dipping as normal and centrifuging the basket to remove any excess zinc.

Whilst we do not offer spin galvanizing from our Corby and Hull plants, we can arrange it for you through our sister plant, Joseph Ash Telford.

Benefits of spin galvanizing

The benefits you’ll receive from Telford’s spin galvanizing services include:

  • All work galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Collection and delivery service
  • Full technical support service
  • On site storage facilities
  • Our Quality System is approved to BS EN ISO 9001.

Telford’s spin galvanizing bath size (basket only) is 250mm diameter by 500mm long.

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