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Shot blasting

No other process is more suited to removing undesired layers or coatings.

About shot blasting

There are times when material comes in for hot dip galvanizing that is contaminated with paint or grease. These contaminants need to be removed before galvanizing, or the zinc coating won’t adhere to the steel. The only way to remove contaminants before galvanizing is to shot blast the material. 

Shot blasting is also essential when trying to achieve a thicker galvanized coating. The British standard for hot dip galvanizing (BS EN ISO 1461) states that if 140microns is required, the material should be shot blasted to sa2.5 using chilled iron grit.

Once steel has been shot blasted, it is important to hot dip galvanize it as soon as possible afterwards, to maximise its effect on coating thickness.

Shot blasting companies

Whilst we do not provide shot blasting from our Hull or Corby plants, we can arrange for your steel to be collected direct from the shot blaster.

Alternatively, our sister site Joseph Ash Medway is our one-stop shop location for shot blasting, galvanizing, and powder coating, all under one roof.

For an additional transport cost we can also collect from the customer, deliver to the shot blaster, and re-collect once shot blasted to be galvanized and delivered back to the customer. Contact your nearest Premier Galvanizing site today for more information.

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