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Proud to work with ‘green initiative’ suppliers

As sustainability and good emission management are critical drivers for Premier Galvanizing, we always try to look for suppliers with like-minded responsible approaches to the environment.

Kall Kwik Birmingham is one of our suppliers, and we were proud to welcome them into our vendor family three years ago, as their green initiatives are admirable.

In 2019 Kall Kwik Birmingham joined Carbon Capture®, a unique market-leading, high impact, low-cost environmental initiative that creates new native woodland in the UK.

Through their involvement with Carbon Capture®, Kall Kwik enables all customers who order paper/print from them to capture the CO2 emissions from their purchases by planting native woodland through the Woodland Trust and the Woodland Carbon Scheme.


What is Carbon Capture®?

  • A method of mitigating CO2 emissions and providing a reduced carbon solution for organisations
  • Creates native woodland in the UK and provides habitats for wildlife and green spaces for all to enjoy
  • A demonstration of an organisation’s values and responsible approach to the environment.

Woodland Carbon and The Woodland Trust

  • Woodland is the second-largest sink of CO2 after the oceans
  • The CO2 is captured by the planting of trees in new native woodland here in the UK through the Woodland Trust’s Government-backed Woodland Carbon Scheme
  • The scheme operates under the HM Government’s 2011 Woodland Carbon Code
  •  100% of the Carbon Capture charge goes directly to the Woodland Trust to plant native woodland in the UK
  • The Woodland Trust is the leading UK woodland conservation charity (Charity no. 294344 /SCO38885)
  • Woodland Trust aims to protect and develop natural woodland throughout the UK, thereby protecting our natural heritage
  • The Trust owns and manages over 1,000 free-to-visit woodland sites across the UK. The UK has just 13% woodland cover compared to the European average of 37%.


Since joining Carbon Capture in 2019, Kall Kwik Birmingham has captured over 8500 tonnes of CO2, equating to about 210 sqm of new native woodland – roughly 35 trees!

Dene Sproson from Kall Kwik said:

“This is a fantastic achievement. Kall Kwik Birmingham and our clients should not underestimate this contribution. Whether it be 30 trees, three trees, or 3,000 trees we have helped to plant, our combined contribution to the overall programme is massive!

The critical thing we feel is that Kall Kwik Birmingham and our clients have committed to Carbon Capture®, helping to plant trees and further promote the initiative, which overall contributes to the government’s targets and commitments to NET-ZERO!”

Welcome to the Premier Galvanizing family Kall Kwik Birmingham. We look forward to a long relationship with you – and to planting more trees!

(Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash)

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