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Celebrating Hill & Smith’s 200 year anniversary

A bicentennial anniversary is no common occurrence, so it made sense to celebrate Hill & Smith PLC‘s 200 year anniversary.

Premier Galvanizing has been part of Hill & Smith PLC since joining Joseph Ash Galvanizing back in 2015 – just a fraction of the time since Hill & Smith was started back in 1824.

All companies across the Hill & Smith Group were able to celebrate the landmark occasion with activities of their choice. Premier Galvanizing decided to take advantage of the (mostly) warm month by arranging for fish and chip and ice cream vans to visit the sites.

Activities weren’t just limited to us at Premier Galvanizing, as the sites across Joseph Ash Galvanizing and Widnes Galvanising also took part in their own anniversary celebrations. Take a look here for the full list of activities taking place across the Joseph Ash Group!

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