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Hot Dip Galvanizing - A Green Future

At Premier Galvanizing, we are committed to preventing pollution and minimising environmental impacts.

For every project or process of our operations, we take a proactive approach to controlling emissions and ensuring the highest protection for the environment. Follow how we do this in the illustration below. It shows all our service stages, from collecting steelwork from a customer to its delivery at the end destination.

The sustainability of galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is an integral part of everyday life, and it’s all around us, from housing to infrastructure, transport to manufacturing and agriculture to art. Everywhere you look, you’ll see galvanized steel.

As a material, galvanized steel is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It also plays a role in the circular economy. The galvanizing process itself is environmentally friendly too.

Sustainability and the circular economy

Premier Galvanizing has a commitment to the principles of a circular economy.

We do not believe in traditional business models of ‘use-throw-away-remake’. Instead, we strive for sustainability where we aim to eliminate waste and repurpose resources.

Galvanized steel structures and components are ideal circular materials, readily facilitating the principles of make, use, remake, reuse and recycle.