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Winners of the GAGAs 2020

The annual Galvanizer’s Association Galvanizing Awards (affectionately known as the GAGAs) took place on Tuesday. This year’s event had to be virtual, and the celebrations were in full swing!

The GAGAs celebrate the use of galvanizing in architecture and art. The GA also celebrated the added use of galvanizing in conservation, innovation and sustainability.

The winners of the 26th Annual GAGAs are as follows:

Architecture Award

The Architecture Award celebrates the most innovative and effective use of galvanized steelwork in architectural projects. This year’s Architecture Award went to two joint winners:

Fordham Abbey Dojima Sake Brewery, near Ely in Cambridgeshire by SCABAL & KPTA, and The Hill House Box in Helensburgh by Carmody Groarke.

Engineering Award

The Engineering Award celebrates the most innovative and effective use of galvanized steelwork, but with special attention paid to structural functionality and industrial use of galvanized steel.

The Centre for Dairy Science Innovation at the University of Nottingham, by Haston Reynolds, is this year’s Engineering Award winner.

Sustainable Award

The Sustainable Award celebrates projects where galvanized steel is used mainly for its ecological benefits, which are clearly reflected within the project’s description and the philosophy behind it.

The Listening Station by Beech Architects won this year’s Sustainable Award.

Duplex Award

The Duplex Award takes into consideration projects that use galvanized steel coated with any of the organic coatings i.e. wet paints, powder coating etc. As with the architecture and engineering awards, it includes all sizes of project and the functionality as well as the aesthetics of the structure will be of interest. 

This year’s Duplex Award was won by Surman Weston, for Ditton Hill House in Surbiton.

Detail Award

The Detail Award is granted to projects that display interesting and innovative uses of galvanized steel in elements that are not the main part of a structure. But form a detail, which supports the overall functionality and aesthetics of the architectural or engineering project.

This year’s winner of the Detail Award is MELOY Architects, for Hill House Passivhaus.

Special Mention

Finally, this year’s Special Mention Award went to metal sculptors Bill and Peach Shaw, for their work Peacock.

The judging panel for the 2020 GAGAs consisted of Matthew Wells (Techniker), Isabelle Priest (RIBA Journal), Robin Dryer (chadwick dryer clarke studio) and Iqbal Johal (Galvanizers Association).

Congratulations to all the 2020 winners, and shortlisted entries!

See some of the award winners in a GAGA YouTube film.

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