Premier Customer Support

A Premier Galvanizing Service really matters

and so does exceptional customer support!

We at Premier Galvanizing believe that a key part of our ethos of being ‘Part of Your Team’ is that we provide as much support as possible to all of our customers across the vast range of Galvanizing Services that we offer.

Customer support is far from written documents, it is about direct customer contact and a 2 way verbal exchange to find out customers requirements and expectations and to advise if these are achievable and what we both can do to make it happen.

Often customers choose to phone through and discuss their galvanizing projects, this can be for a range of reasons such as the item being an awkward shape – A galvanizing project that springs to mind was our galvanised horse and statue – real consideration went in to the best places to drill the object. Also, large jobs with specific deadlines is another reason clients call us as we make sure every step of the task is clearly explained and we always strive to give realistic timeframes with any project.

Our approach is very much ‘pro-active’ rather than reactive and we are always available and willing to come out and see customers at anytime. Ideally this happens prior to starting fabrication so that all potential issues can be discussed and resolved to ensure there are no nasty suprise’s for either party.

Often customers are surprised by our willingness to travel out to see them prior to carrying out and galvanizing for them. They are surprised as this is not seen as the norm in the current market, but we believe it is absolutely essential that customer support and visits in particular are a crucial part of our service and ultimately our success. We want customers to have the knowledge and understanding they require, and we have various types of literature available to advise on drilling and so on which are readily available on request.

All of our customers can be assured that if they need our support then it will be provided!

To find out how Premier Galvanizing could help you, call and ask for Justin Deegan.

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