ISO 9001 Accredited Premier Galvanizing

We did it! – ISO 9001 Accredited!

We are delighted to tell you that our Quality Management System has been approved by Lloyds Quality Assurance.

We are now therefore an ISO 9001 Registered Company! For CE marking purposes this means that Premier Galvanizing fulfils the requirements of CE as one of your suppliers

I would like to extend my gratitude to the whole team involved throughout the accreditation process. A real team effort!

Gary Hainsworth

Managing Director

Here are a selection of the comments from our people……….



“I’m encouraged to think for myself”


“it’s like a small family here at Premier”



“It’s a team, we make the job happen together!”


“it’s a very positive company to work for”



“my role is unique so I feel valued because of that”

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