Driving Galvanizing Standards Forward

We set pretty high Galvanizing standards – it makes customers happy!

With an ever increasing number of customers wishing to use the collection and delivery service that Premier Galvanizing offers it is of the utmost importance that we have the right tools to do the job

We are very proud of our company image and our new modern fleet of vehicles. Together with well presented and customer focused drivers, we believe we have the perfect package.

Our transport fleet consists of 6 vehicles which is made up of 3 articulated vehicles, 2 ten tonne rigid vehicles and 1 seven and half tonne vehicles .

The diverse fleet we operate gives us the flexibility needed to collect almost any size of fabrication from  any company premises  large or  small. We operate in very large area collecting and delivering galvanizing as far as Sheffield in the North, Birmingham in the West, Gatwick in the South and Norwich in the east. We are also available to make arrangements to deliver/collect outside our normal operating area should this be required.

The fast , reliable and efficient service that we offer is second to none in the galvanizing industry and we work very hard to ensure that the high level of service that our customers demand is maintained at all times.

Working as a team with our customers Premier galvanizing have been involved with numerous high profile projects where reliability of service was of the utmost importance and tight deadlines had to be met. The team at Premier Galvanizing remained committed to the cause and ensured that all deadlines were met,  which involved

  1. Working at “ break neck speeds “ to ensure that deliveries were made to complete work for the f1 grand prix at Silverstone
  2. We made it our “ goal “ to ensure that deliveries were made to complete work on the new Wembley stadium
  3. We got on “ our bikes “ to ensure that the veladrome  at the Olympic stadium was completed on time
  4. We “ jet propelled “ deliveries of material for work on a terminal at heathrow airport
  5. We also worked at “ electrifying pace “ to meet deliveries to drax power station

The above are just some of the projects that we helped make a success through hard work and commitment to our customers.

Can we be of help to you ?

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