Steel Fabrication

What is Steel Fabrication? How does it benefit you?

About Steel Fabrication

Galvanizing a steel fabrication to the best possible standards relies upon in put form the galvanizer at the earliest possible stage, at Premier Galvanizing we believe that advice given before the fabrication process starts is invaluable and will always produce better results for the client.

Understand the needs of a steel fabricator by a galvanizer is nearly as important as offering the steel fabricator galvanizing advice.

By understanding these needs, a galvanizing package can be devised based upon the environment in which the steel fabrication is going and the purpose of galvanizing the steel in the first place.

The quality of the steel fabrication has an enormous effect on the quality of the galvanizing, if a galvanizer receives a good quality fabrication with minimal welding slag and contaminants on the steel  a better galvanizing job can take place.

Benefits of Steel Fabrication

  • Galvanizing - Outstanding corrosion resistance and long life

    As soon as the galvanised item leaves the zinc bath the surface reacts with the oxygen in the air to form a thin, impervious film of zinc oxide that has excellent adhesion and anti corrosion protection properties.
  • Galvanizing - Enhanced edge and corner protection

    Coatings are thicker than plastic-dipped or painted coatings, providing excellent coverage on sharp corners and angles.
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing - Highly economical

    Low initial cost combined with long life provides economical protection for long periods - often more than twenty years in hostile environments.
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We love feedback - Here is some of ours...

Rollin Fabrications have forged a solid working relationship with Premier Galvanizing since their introduction to ourselves in 2002.

Having exhausted our endeavours to find a local galvaniser that could provide a complete and effective service we now place our entire galvanising requirements with Premier. They clearly understand the importance of putting customer needs first and invest in employing experienced personnel. From shop floor operatives to senior management, all staff are competent in their roles and their understanding of team work is clearly demonstrated. All their staff are approachable, treat customers courteously and have sound knowledge of their trade.

Employing a night shift enables them to turn work around very quickly and most of our work is completed on a next day basis which is vital to our production needs. In a competitive market where quality and customer focus seem to suffer it is reassuring to know that Premier Galvanizing always deliver on their promise. We at Rollin Fabrications believe this level of service cannot be surpassed by any other national galvaniser. Perhaps it’s that extra mile they will always go to that makes them Premier?


Steve Edwardson Production Manager Rollin Fabrications