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Pre-galvanizing process

Pre-galvanizing process is vital to ensuring the best quality protection.

What is pre galvanizing and how does it benefit you?

Before your steel is placed into our production line, a pre inspection takes place to ensure the steel is suitable for hot dip galvanizing. This pre galvanizing inspection enables us to identify and notify you about any issues regarding the steel’s suitability for hot dip galvanizing before we galvanize it.

For example, we’ll inspect the steel fabrications for adequate drainage and ventilation holes. If additional holes are required, we’ll discuss them with you. 

We also inspect the steel for excess paint or other contaminations that will need to be removed to avoid post galvanizing rejects.

The best way to ensure your steel is suitable for galvanizing is to contact Premier Galvanizing before the steel reaches our plant. We’ll be happy to advise you on all issues relating to the steel’s suitability for hot dip galvanizing.

We also invite you to download our Venting Tips for Hot Dip Galvanizing poster. The poster will help you achieve an optimum finish for your galvanized steel.