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Reasons for hot dip galvanizing

Excellent reasons why you should hot dip galvanize your next steel fabrication

Longevity – In most cases hot dip galvanizing provides a maintenance-free life of over 40 years, environment dependant. The coating weathers at a very slow rate giving a long and predictable life, usually around 1 to 1.5 microns per year throughout most of the country. If maintenance eventually becomes necessary, there is no complex preparation treatments required. The maintenance programme is very easy and straightforward.

Competitive first cost – Compared to many applications the cost of hot dip galvanizing is lower than that of applying an alternative coating. Painting steelwork can be highly labour intensive whereas hot dip galvanizing is relatively low. There is also very low wastage when galvanizing steel compared to other processes.

Lowest lifetime cost – The low initial cost and longevity of hot dip galvanizing, makes this corrosion protection system the most versatile and economic way of protecting steel for long periods. When a fabrication has been hot dip galvanized, the low maintenance requirements are advantageous especially when steels are in remote or difficult to access areas.

Speed of application – The hot dip galvanizing process is very quick; a full protection coating can be applied in hours including the preparation of the steel by acid pickle. An alternative paint system can require in excess of a week including drying time etc.

Coating toughness – Galvanized coatings do not suffer the effects of scrapping and chipping that can occur on painted fabrications. When material is hot dip galvanized the zinc is bonded metallurgically to the steel, it becomes part of the structure. As a result hot dip galvanized steel is far less likely to be affected by mechanical damage during handling, storage, transport and construction.

Complete coverage – Unlike painted systems, hot dip galvanizing ensures all parts of the surface of the steel are coated. The zinc coats both the inside and outside of the fabricated structures as well as awkward corners, and narrow gaps which would be impossible to protect in any other way.

Ease of inspection – The inspection of hot dip galvanized steel is simple. Checking the actual thickness of the zinc onto the galvanized product is simply specified through BS EN ISO 1461 and can be easily checked with an electronic probe.

Faster construction – Once hot dip galvanized, steel is ready for use. If required, onsite erection can take place immediately without delay. The benefit of not requiring ‘touch up’ or any additional processes can help reduce site times.