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Hot Dip Galvanizing is a process that prevents steel from corroding. The hot dip process produces a protective coating where the zinc is bonded metallurgically to the steel.

Prior to any material being galvanized the steel fabrications are submerged in hydrochloric acid to remove all rust and mill scale to provide a chemically clean surface.

Only when the surface of the material has been cleaned can hot dip galvanizing take place. If there are any contaminents left on the steel, the steel will not galvanize fully.

The steel fabrications are 'dipped' in a molten bath of zinc that is heated to approximately 450°c

Once galvanizing has taken place the zinc is metallurgically bonded to the steel substrate, at this point it is ready for the end user.

If the material was painted, there would be additional drying time required. However, when Hot Dip Galvanizing steel, there are no such delays. An additional benefit of galvanizing is that it self repairs minor damage, sacrifices itself to protect the base metal, is environmentally sustainable, has good impact and abrasion resistance and a maintenance-free life for up to 40 years or more.

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Local Hot Dip Galvanizing Facilities

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    We are a local Galvanizing Company servicing customers across the Yorkshire and Midlands regions.
  • Premier Galvanizing, Hull, East Yorkshire.


    Our Hull Galvanizing Facility boasts a huge 7m long x 1.2m wide x 3.2m deep bath.

    Need advice? Get in touch on Hull: 01482 587587

  • Premier Galvanizing, Corby, Northamptonshire


    Our Corby Galvanizing Facility boasts a huge 7.6m long x 1.4m wide x 3.2m deep bath.

    Need advice? Get in touch on Corby: 01536 409818

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We love feedback - Here is some of ours...

Rollin Fabrications have forged a solid working relationship with Premier Galvanizing since their introduction to ourselves in 2002.

Having exhausted our endeavours to find a local galvaniser that could provide a complete and effective service we now place our entire galvanising requirements with Premier. They clearly understand the importance of putting customer needs first and invest in employing experienced personnel. From shop floor operatives to senior management, all staff are competent in their roles and their understanding of team work is clearly demonstrated. All their staff are approachable, treat customers courteously and have sound knowledge of their trade.

Employing a night shift enables them to turn work around very quickly and most of our work is completed on a next day basis which is vital to our production needs. In a competitive market where quality and customer focus seem to suffer it is reassuring to know that Premier Galvanizing always deliver on their promise. We at Rollin Fabrications believe this level of service cannot be surpassed by any other national galvaniser. Perhaps it’s that extra mile they will always go to that makes them Premier?


Steve Edwardson Production Manager Rollin Fabrications