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Doors reopening at Ripon Cathedral

Ripon Cathedral

The magnificent doors at Ripon Cathedral have recently been renovated and an electrical opening system has been installed.

The doors at the Cathedral are nearly 450 years old and thanks to lottery funding, an opportunity had arisen to install the new electric system.

To facilitate the alterations to the magnificent doors a steel frame needed to be fabricated and hot dip galvanized.

Minster Engineering – who were engaged for the project – called Premier Galvanizing Hull to seek advice about the metal finish for the fabrication. They were concerned about distortion and handling issues, as it was critical the the steel frame remained straight.

Premier Galvanizing met with Minster Engineering and alleviated their fears. A time schedule of works was then organised, which enabled the large 4.5m x 2m frames to be dropped off at Premier Galvanizing, hot dip galvanized and recollected all in the same day.

As usual with Premier Galvanizing, the job went to plan.

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