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Shot blasting and hot dip galvanizing – the Premier Galvanizing way

galvanised metal

Offering the complete package to customers in the steel fabrication industry has never been more important, Premier Galvanizing Hull were recently contacted by a customer who needed pipework collected, delivered to a shot blaster, recollected, hot dip galvanized and delivered onwards to site in West Yorkshire.

By being in a position to service the client Premier Galvanizing were awarded the contract and delivered on their promises.

All the above was arranged by the production team at Premier Galvanizing Hull, the collection was arranged for the following day on an an artic vehicle and the pipework was promptly sent down to Trent Blasting in Nottinghamshire.

The client took delivery of the hot dip galvanized pipework within five days of placing the order, this would not have been possible without the close co-ordination and co-operation of all parties involved.

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