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Red Bull galvanizing project

With the Red Bull X Fighters world tour arriving at Battersea Power Station and an estimated crowd of 100,000, the organisers required temporary seating. Seating would have to be positioned on an upwards slope (on seating rakers) to provide all members of the audience with a good view. The seating rakers needed to be manufactured, hot dip galvanized and then inspected prior to the event in order to obtain a safety certificate. All of this needed to happen in a short four week window.

The challenge

1700 seating rakers to be delivered on time to Battersea in a four week period.

After we were contacted by One Site Solutions from Mansfield and The Metal Works from Leicester it was agreed that due to the time restraints of the project and the importance of on-time completion, an initial meeting would be held to discuss the product that required galvanizing.

This meeting was essential for all parties as it meant we could be made aware of the tolerances involved, the intricate nature of the product and the timescale.

The pre-contract meeting allowed us to ensure the fabrications were designed to allow correct drainage and ventilation and all critical areas were identified. Knowing the intricate nature of the product and the tolerances required enabled us to work out the optimum suspension and dipping method to provide the best possible finish and meet the demanding timescales involved. This was the foundation for the strong working partnership throughout the process.

Before hot dip galvanizing got underway, each shift team at Premier Galvanizing was briefed regarding the upcoming job. For example, the steel needed to be hung in a certain way to maintain the tolerances required on the connecting brackets. It also needed to be hung on two specific points in order to achieve optimum angles for galvanizing. By explaining the process to each shift team, the high specification required by the clients would be achieved.

Once the hot dip galvanizing got underway both Onesite and The Metalworks watched the galvanizing of the items and were delighted with the final finish of the first batch. A test rig was set up at Premier Galvanizing to ensure that the seat rakers fitted in to the corresponding sockets. Once the product left Corby for London, there was no doubt that it was suitable for purpose and the temporary seating would fit together.

As the project got underway, the deadlines became shorter but the high quality was maintained throughout the contract.

The end result

Each delivery was on time, completed to the highest specification, and many happy X Fighter fans were able to enjoy the show.

The portable seating has also since been used at the V festival, as well to seat the audience during the recent visit by the Pope.

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