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Premier Galvanizing stars at the Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics can rightly claim to be the best games ever.

London Olympics race

The London Olympics showcased the incredible talents of our Britsh athletes who had the opportunity to perform in the most fantastic facilites.

At Premier Galvanizing we were very proud to have contributed to these facilities, by providing a hot dip galvanized finish to the internal steelwork within the Velodrome. We also hot dip galvanized the metalwork outside the Velodrome and throughout the Olympic Park.

Our clients were working night and day to build these world class facilities in time for the Games, and we were able to satisfy their tight timescales.

Take a look at the magazine article attatched, not only can you see the internal steel work which we galvanized, but also some of the accommodation balconies, as well as the external metalwork in the Olympic Park.

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