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Overnight galvanizing service

Premier Galvanizing have a long running relationship with a well established fabricator based in Sheffield. This has been forged on a history of high quality hot dip galvanizing and lightening quick turnarounds.

The multi skilled workforce at Premier Galvanizing are no strangers to fulfilling customer requirements by processing jobs in double quick time but they really pulled out all the stops recently.

Under pressure to get a set of delicate bespoke panels, hot dip galvanizedpowder coated and installed, the customer called in Premier Galvanizing to complete the first stage of their very own ‘Mission Impossible’.

After liaising with the customer, the office based production team agreed a set criteria regarding:

  • Unloading from the wagon
  • Suspension points
  • Post galv fettling
  • Re-stacking of work, and
  • Re-loading onto the wagon.

These were shared with the night shift via photographs of the product.

After fabricating the panels late into the day, they arrived at the plant at 10pm, met by the night shift; who quickly began the task in hand. Closely monitored through the entire process by the night team, the panels where successfully hot dip galvanized, fettled and stacked to the customer’s exact requirements. Re-loaded onto the waiting wagon at 6am, with a turnaround in less than eight hours the panels where set on the road to completion.

Another example of Premier Galvanizing being truly PART OF YOUR TEAM.

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