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Our guide to safe deliveries

We’re proud of the collection and delivery service that we offer at Premier Galvanizing, allowing our customers to save both time and money on transportation to and from our sites. To keep this procedure safe, we’ve created a helpful guide on how to safely pack and load your steel. It’s crucial that all parties involved in the process are aware of the safety precautions to ensure your products can be protected and returned to you both quickly and safely.

Person stood by a loaded Joseph Ash Galvanizing truck

Safe packing and bundling

When packing and bundling your steel fabrication:

  • Ensure the load is labelled properly. Is it clear what the product is?
  • Band the steel to a good quality stillage or pallet.
  • Shrink-wrap the load as necessary. Shrink wrap should be used in addition to a band, and not on its own. Additional clear shrink wrap should be used on stacks of smaller product types, or contained within wooden crates.
  • Cardboard boxes are not an acceptable form of packaging.
  • Any load that doesn’t meet these requirements will not be accepted by the driver.

Safe loading and securing

When loading and securing the steel to the vehicle after it has been packed and bundled:

  • Keep the load low and flat, with heavier and longer items on the bottom.
  • Never put heavier fabrications on top of smaller ones.
  • Heavier items should also be kept to the centre line of the trailer. If you can’t, even out the weight of the load to balance the weight throughout the whole of the trailer.
  • The load must also be placed in contact with a headboard if possible.

Safe deliveries poster

We’ve collated the above information into our Safe Deliveries Guide, which can be printed and distributed to the relevant people. Please ensure both yourself and your team members are familiar with the information presented.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss safety further, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest site.

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