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Now, that’s what I call teamwork!

Galvanizing growth – now that’s what I call TEAMWORK!

Over the past few months we have been very busy on numerous high end hot dip galvanizing projects throughout the country. Two projects in particular were at a crucial stage and simply had to happen with constant overnight turn-around requirements being required.

This has been great from a business perspective but has made us think about the resources we have and how these can be best utilised.

We needed to do this because there was a risk that demand would out strip our ability to supply and this was simply not an option.

Considering we already work 24 hours a day starting at 9pm Sunday and running through until 8pm on a Friday as our basic week we are limited how we can build additional production into our week other than on a weekend.

We have an excellent core of multi-skilled employees who were working additional hours within the basic week, but needed to maximise our production capacity over the weekend periods.

We approached our Corby galvanizing plant to gauge interest in operatives coming to Hull to work over the weekend, working a full day Saturday and Sunday in conjunction with a team of Hull operatives.

Luckily the Corby guys jumped at the chance to come up to Hull.

We have repeated this exercise four times over the last couple of months which has proved to be a complete success and has achieved the following:

  1. Given us the additional galvanizing production capacity required
  2. Resulted in us fulfilling our commitment to our galvanizing customers by achieving all customer deadlines.
  3. Cemented strong working relationships between the two plants
  4. Created strong working relationships between the two sets of operatives and strong bonds have been formed.

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