Humber Rescue Lifeboat Trailer Galvanized

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Humber Rescue Lifeboat Trailer Galvanized

The Galvanizing Project

Here at Premier Galvanizing we like to get involved wherever possible with local schemes & projects to ensure that we give back to the local community and ensure that we contribute to our city of which we are proud.

When one of our customers from Hull, D B Engineering of Hawthorn Avenue contacted us regarding the Humber Rescue Lifeboat Trailer project we felt that this was something we simply had to do due to the importance of the service which the Humber Rescue provides.

Darren Bardle (Managing Director, D B Engineering) initially approached Alex Camp (Operations Manager, Premier Galvanizing) regarding galvanizing the chassis as a gesture of goodwill to contribute towards the project.

Darren confirmed that Sainsbury’s were supplying the material, D B Engineering were supplying the design and fabrication and were looking to protect the chassis for the long term and hoped to have it galvanized because that was the most suitable process available and we wanted to ensure that the chassis had the best galvanizing finish possible!.

Alex then attended D B Engineering at their request to look at the design and advise on any drilling requirements and one of the most noticeable issues was the size of the chassis. We both reached an agreement whereby the front axle could be designed as a separate item to the bolt on to the main chassis as the full dimensions of the trailer are 7.6m x 2.4m.

After a couple of weeks D B Engineering called to say that the chassis was available for collection. We sent down one of experienced wagon drivers who collected the chassis, axle and support bracings which were then taken through our complete galvanizing process with extreme care at all stages. Although the chassis was very large it came out of the process very clean due to our comprehensive pre-treatment and preparation process with a very uniform coating.

The End Result

D B Engineering have since built up the trailer and delivered to the Humber Rescue on Hessle foreshore who were delighted with it and stated it will soon be put into action. Sainsbury’s, D B Engineering, Premier Galvanizing and various local businesses and members of the public will then attend a launch ceremony to celebrate its arrival down on the foreshore once they have completed the extension to the boathouse.

Everyone within the company from the office to the shop floor has been was made aware of the project and given the bigger picture so we can all feel proud of something which we have contributed to on our very own doorstep.