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Galvanized Horse & Rider Project

The Galvanizing Project

Premier Galvanizing have a long running relationship with Exceptional Things, who are based over in New Holland and as the business name indicates they produce ‘Exceptional Things’. In the past we have galvanized various prestigious sculptures such as a mining scene, a detailed fish, bridge to a very high standard and so when they were tendering for the horse sculpture there was only ever going to be one galvanizing company that they could trust and rely upon which was Premier Galvanizing.

The Challenge

The customer initially brought in a small hand held model of the horse in February 2012 with dimensions, material listing and potential concerns regarding the aesthetic appearance and finish which could be achieved as galvanizing is primarily known as an industrial finish. Any apprehension was eased after speaking with the Operations Manager and Production Manager regarding discrete venting and drainage holes, hanging angles, suitable hanging points, potential zinc traps and minimising any risk of distortion.

The customer requested that they stayed for the afternoon to observe the sculptures throughout the whole process from unloading, booking in, preparation, pre-treatment, galvanizing, post galv fettling & re-loading.

We were very happy to accommodate the customer’s request as we wanted to ensure that the customer was 100% comfortable with our service and procedures, whilst being on hand in case any issues arose.

The End Result

True Premier Galvanizing!

Due to the forward planning, communication and teamwork between the customer, our management, supervisors and operatives the sculptures went through without any incident other than lots and lots of camera phones trying to capture the best shot!.

The customer was delighted with the finish and could not believe the uniform coating we had managed to achieve and how clean the sculpture was throughout. The sculpture was delivered on time in June 2012 where it now resides in a small town up in the North East where local villagers gathered for an official opening and it made front page news in the local press!. Another great job done by TEAM Premier Galvanizing.

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