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Major Series 2012 – lots of mud and plenty of fun!

The Major Series participants.

Following their commitment to attend the Major Series at Bramham Park Leeds, West Yorkshire on 3 March 2012, the three brave souls from Premier Galvanizing survived everything the Major could throw at them.

There was smoke, swamps to wade through, ditches to climb in and out of, cargo nets to crawl under, hills to summit and waist deep streams to navigate.

There was also the mud to contend with lots and lots of mud. The mud got stickier and deeper as the day went on.

Justin and Alex got away fairly lightly as they both completed the 12k course in under 1 hr 13 minutes, however Alison and her brother who escorted her around the course didnt fair quite so well as can be seen in the photo above.

A great day was had by all on a very challenging course.

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