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Hot dip galvanizing UK

hot dip galvanised tracks

What is hot dip galvanizing? 

Hot dip galvanizing is the process of protecting metals from corrosion, the main culprit being iron and steel. To make sense of just how important galvanizing is you have to imagine how often the metals it protects are used in everyday life.

For instance, steel is one of the most common metals used. Believe it or not, it completely surrounds us. Because it is such a strong and versatile metal it is used to manufacture a wide range of product such as structures and it can be used to construct buildings.

Although it is a versatile metal, with many advantages, it has one very distinct weakness which is corrosion.

When most metals are exposed to water or moisture, then rust is inevitable. Rust can seriously damage and weaken the surface of metals, especially steel. For example, if a bridge begins to rust, over time the structure will begin to fail and collapse.

Is zinc really that important?

The process of galvanizing provides outstanding corrosion performance in a wide variety of environments.

Galvanizing provides a durable, abrasion-resistant coating of metallic zinc and zinc-iron alloy layers which are bonded metallurgical to the steel.

Why is zinc used?

Although zinc is a metal it does not rust like iron or steel.

There are many advantages to using zinc. It provides toughness, resistance to mechanical damage and ultimately it slows corrosion and help structures last up to a hundred years.

Zinc is an impressive metal, as is the galvanizing process. Without it, buildings and structures would not be able to hold on as long as they do. One of the most common methods of galvanizing is hot-dip galvanizing.

Hot dip galvanizing – it’s all about the reaction

Hot Dip Galvanizing varies from plant to plant but here at Premier Galvanizing we specialise in this process. The hot dipping method results in the steel being coated with a thick layer of zinc. However, the steel has to pass through a molten bath of zinc, heated to about 450 degrees Celsius. When the steel is immersed in the bath the zinc reacts with the steel,
forming an iron-zinc alloy. The zinc also forms a zinc oxide when it comes into contact with the surface. This is what prevents corrosion.

So, what are the benefits of the hot dip galvanizing process?

There are many advantages to hot dip galvanizing, which is why is it one of the most popular galvanizing processes used.

Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • It creates a tough, durable and permanently bonded coating. This is better than many other methods in protecting steel from damage.
  • It is very reliable because there is coverage from the inside and out.
  • Hot dip galvanized steel provides an easy to clean surface, making it more hygienic.

When left alone, hot dip galvanized steel will last decades. It will protect against the weather and substances such as, diesel oil and petrol.

About Premier Galvanizing

We are a modern, technically advanced and privately owned galvanizing company. We first opened our doors back in 2000. Our first galvanizing depot was in Hull and we provided galvanizing services to clients throughout Yorkshire and the North East. Due to our success, in 2002 we opened a second depot in Corby. This expanded our geographic reach further afield, to the Midlands and the South East region.

What makes us different?

Premier Galvanizing is not like any other galvanizing company. We only offer the highest quality service to our clients. But that is not all we have to offer. One of our best characteristics is that we are, essentially, a small company. This means we take extra time and energy to really care about our customers, yet we are still big enough to cater for the needs of our larger clients.

Our customers always come first at Premier Galvanizing and we like to listen to the different needs of our clients and take on board any suggestions they have for our improvement. We need the strength given to us from our customers to help our company grow and improve.

We are always investing into our business, meaning we are always finding ways to improve our company and service. Its processes and our people have been a crucial part of our growth.

At Premier Galvanizing we understand that consistently good performance from our team is relied upon. We discovered from listening to our clients that time saving and quality are the most important elements demanded by our customers and our systems are specifically designed to provide a high quality finish in the shortest time possible. This is proof that we consistently listen to our customers’ needs and deliver what they expect, daily.

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