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Hot dip galvanized fisherman to star in Filey in Bloom 2011

Designed and manufactured by Scarborough fabricators IK Welding, a hot dip galvanized life-size fisherman is looking to became the star of the show at Filey in Bloom 2011.

Sitauted in Crescent Gardens and designed for Filey in Bloom 2011 the fisherman is a striking sculpture among the plants and flowers on the promenade.

Due to the use of sheetmetal there was a worry about distortion during galvanization, however during consultations between IK Welding and Premier Galvanizing any concerns were ironed out. The structure was then hot dip galvanized to a very high standard.

As part of the brief, IK Welding requested the final sculpture to look slightly aged. We achieved this by applying a T Wash solution to ‘dull off’ the shine of the newly galvanized structure.

IK Welding not only specialise in sculptures. They also fabricate structural steel, balconies, railings and other bespoke metalwork. To see their portfolio of work visit their website at

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