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Employee visit to customer pays dividends

At Premier Galvanizing we know how important it is for our employees to understand the needs of our customers first hand. We have therefore made a commitment that all of our employees across our departments will visit a customer.

By making this commitment our employees get the opportunity to understand what the customer really requires from a galvanizer. It is also a great opportunity to put names to faces too. We have always been proud of the personal relationships that we forge with our clients – this is a great way to truly personalise our service even further.

An additional benefit for our customers is that the our employees gain association and ownership of the products we will be hot dip galvanizing. We have found that these visits also ensure our people feel responsible for the final product produced.

Blueline Trailers, near Boston Lincolnshire

Members of our team recently visited Blueline Trailers so as to gain a better understanding of their business and the products they produce. The visit lasted around half an hour with our team having the chance to understand why the trailers needed stacking in a certain way.

It’s only by visiting the customer that our employee got the chance to understand the potential problems that poor stacking could have in the assembly process.

Want to arrange a visit?

If you feel your company would benefit from a visit from one of our operatives please feel free to contact Bob Preston on

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