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Fin the Fish – promoting environmental awareness

Name of fabricator: Built by Godbold Blacksmiths Ltd
Galvanized by: Premier Galvanizing Hull
End client: Yorkshire Water and the University of Hull
Finish provided: Hot dip galvanizing
Size and amount of steel: Fin the Fish was fabricated from steel, is 5m long and weighs 700kg.

Project goals
Yorkshire Water and the University of Hull wanted to showcase the growing problem of plastic pollution in our seas using a galvanized steel sculpture. Godbold Blacksmiths Ltd stepped up to the plate to fabricate their vision, and Premier Galvanizing hot dip galvanized the steel.

What happened
Fin the Fish was built to act as a receptacle for used plastic. As part of the ‘Do your bit’ campaign the sculpture encourages people to recycle plastic, reduce plastic use, clean up the area around the sculpture, and consequently make small efforts to look after the environment.

Original installation
Originally installed at Scarborough’s South Bay in the Summer of 2019, Fin’s early months proved successful. In just eight weeks, the public fed him over 6000 plastic bottles, which Scarborough Council recycled. The sheer number of bottles highlighted just how much plastic is used on a daily basis and encouraged people to think about how widespread plastic pollution is, and how much damage it causes to our marine ecosystem.

Yorkshire Water and the University of Hull hope Fin will have the same effect on the residents of Hull, where he is currently installed. To measure the success, local firm Biffa will record how much plastic is fed to Fin on a weekly basis, emphasising just how much plastic could have instead (possibly) entered the water courses.

Materials and size
Fin the Fish was fabricated from steel, is 5m long and weighs 700kg. To protect it from the elements and prevent it from rusting – especially in harsh coastal environments –Premier Galvanizing Hull hot dip galvanized it for a protective finish.

Andrew Tweddle, Commercial Manager at Premier Galvanizing said: “The environment and sustainability is important to Premier Galvanizing and we try to introduce more innovative and environmentally friendly processes at our plants on a daily basis. Because of this, it was an honour to be asked to protect the steel for Fin the Fish.”

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