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Blackpool FC Galvanizing Project

Stadium Grounds

With the Sky Cameras rolling into Blackpool FC on Sunday 17 October for their match against Manchester City it was evident that the lighting from the present floodlights would not be sufficient for the game to be screened in HD. New lighting columns would need to be installed otherwise the coverage could have been in jeopardy.

The challenge

Approximately two weeks before the erection date ASG Fabrications in Batley received an order to fabricate, hot dip galvanize, deliver, erect and install the six new lighting columns. Due to the layout of the ground there wasn’t room for traditional stadium lighting, the six new columns were to be placed on the temporary stand that was erected in the summer following their shock promotion to the Premiership.

The schedule placed upon ASG resulted in Premier Galvanizing needing to hot dip galvanize all six columns within 24hrs. Unfortunately these were not a standard dip as they were seven .6m long and the bath in Hull was only 7m long. Therefore Premier needed to double dip the columns. The end client was willing to accept the columns in self colour but ASG convinced them otherwise as they had full confidence in Premier Galvanizing meeting the tight schedule put upon them.

By convincing the end client to galvanize the columns as opposed to a single paint finish we have eliminated the need for an ongoing maintenance.

The end result

Between Wednesday 13 and Friday 15 October the columns were installed at Blackpool. The client has a maintenance free product, Blackpool has some new floodlights for their ground and Sky will have a game in HD on the Sunday.

ASG Fabrications comment: “With the help of Premier Galvanizing we have made a very important client very happy. We knew that the timescale was going to be tight for just the fabrication, erection and installation, but to get the hot dip galvanizing done as well was an added bonus. Premier Galvanizing made a commitment and as usual they delivered.”

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