Galvanised Tommy Sculpture

Galvanized Tin Tommy Sculpture

The Galvanizing Project

To galvanize a statue, affectionately known as Tin Tommy, on behalf of Hodson & Kauss, for the town of Immingham in North East Lincolnshire.

The Challenge

On Sunday 13 November, the town of Immingham in North East Lincolnshire, held a Remembrance Day Parade at the Pelham Road War Memorial. The event was a fitting tribute to all soldiers who have lost their lives defending our country.

As part of the ceremony, a new statue stood at the War Memorial, leaning on a memorial seat covered in poppies. The statue was nicknamed Tin Tommy by local school children in the community, and he has become so popular that he even has his own Facebook page.

Tin Tommy was commissioned by the Barton Living Memorial Trust, who raised funds from the local council and communities. The aim of the Trust is “to educate the next generation about the World Wars and the sacrifices that so many made, and to keep the memory alive“.

When standing straight, Tin Tommy is a full-sized six foot high statue of a WW1 era British soldier, with red poppies painted onto parts of his frame. The bench that he leans upon has been designed to allow people to sit and “reflect on life, history and memory“.

Tin Tommy was fabricated by Hodson & Kauss, and galvanized by Premier Galvanizing Hull.

The End Result

Hodson & Kauss are expert fabricators who mainly fabricate bridges, walkways, fencing, staircases, and balustrades. Sometimes they are asked to fabricate unusual items such as Tin Tommy too. Hodson & Kauss have been using Premier Galvanizing Hull for all their galvanizing needs, for a long time. Premier Galvanizing are proud to have played a part in the construction of such an important statue.

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